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In 1834 the University of London became the first institutions of higher learning to offer degrees that did not require classroom attendance.
Today, the same concept is called "Nontraditional Education".

Within our society there are legions of individuals who have drop out of college prior to obtaining the degree they desired just because of them have acquired an extensive education trough life experiences and some have become experts in their respective fields and professions. What is common among many of these individuals, and what frequently limits their personal and professional growth, is the lack of formal educational credential with considerable consequences on the own personal image.

If you find yourself among this group or if you simply want a degree for personal satisfaction, a nontraditional degree may be the answer.
Nontraditional education is an honest and fully legal recognized method of pursuing people's aims. Possessing such a degree has literally changed the lieves of thousands of people around the world, providing them a remarkable opportunity of success.

There are person who prefer to widen their culture trough Nontraditional Universities that provide excellent opportunities and have a higher record of the candidates' professional experiences. Anyway, the degrees they grant are not useful to whom who will need State recognition to work in their professional field or be in the different category registers.

In order to satisfy these last needs or if you are not old enough, nothing can replace the regular academic courses provided by traditional universities.



WALKER UNIVERSITY - International Institute of Supplementary Education is a not-for profit corporation based in the State of Nevada, United States of America. The mission of our University Institute is to support and develop graduate education programs in every country in the world. These programs are dedicated to students who are already attending regular academic courses or to persons who are currently involved to the graduate program they will be attending.

The Walker University - International Institute of Supplementary Education ensures that students are exposed to experts in the latest developments in their respective fields. The attendance at seminarial teaching allows bringing top faculty that could not be obtained for reasons of cost and schedule. In addition, we believe that students learn more and retain more in an intensive class environment than in traditional programs


A good knowledge of the most recent sales and marketing techniques is a critical factor to attain success in the present highly competitive job market.

Walker University - International Institute of Supplementary Education has organized its own program following the needs of:

- Working adults who wish to develop their culture

- Professionals who wish to specialize themselves in subjects relative to their sector

- University students who wish to develop specific subjects

- University students who intend to have assistance during the preparation of the exams


Every year the Faculty Senate of Walker University - International Institute of Supplementary Education carries out a program that includes a number of courses relative to the different specializations.

ARTS AREA: (Ex. Marketing, American History, Public Relations, English, German and French language principles, Human Resources Management, Graphics and Publicity, Fashion and Show Business, Publicity and Work).

SCIENTIFIC AREA: (Ex. Body Wellness Techniques, oriental Disciplines, Health Sciences, Holistic Health Sciences, Sport Sciences, Psychic Development and Naturophaty).

International Institute of Supplementary Education
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